Multicultural Arts Camp is focused on cultivating a feeling of safety and bringing together children who have experienced similar life circumstances. Groups of 12-15 children rotate through five workshops each day introducing them to cultural art forms such as African drumming and Latin dance. At the end of the week, children showcase their work to the public.
Theater Camp boosts self-confidence and empowerment through the power of storytelling. This is a two-week, intensive, performing arts experience for teens ages 13 to 17. Using improvisation, journaling and visual art to explore themes relevant to their lives, the reality of violence, abandonment, hope, love and peace are expressed on stage through poetry, movement and music. At the end of the camp, the children perform at the Herberger Theater Center for a live audience of friends, family, and the general public.
Hip Hop Camp introduces teens to the founding principles of Hip Hop culture, empowering them to use their voices and creativity to make positive change. Teens celebrate these themes through the artistic mediums of spoken word poetry, graffiti art, hip hop dance, and DJing, and lead and teach their peers and community members in a final public showcase.

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