My name is Surfing Sofas and I’m very grateful to Arts & Homelessness International, because they have opened up pathways to opportunities that I never imagined would be possible for me.

Opportunities like sharing my poetry in a “Whats Next – UK” zoom meeting, which later led to Roehampton University inviting me to be Poet in Residence throughout their first ever Homelessness Awareness Week. It was great to see awareness being raised and discussions homelessness happening in the realms of Academia for a week! The week would not have been what it was if it wasn’t for the moral support of Matt Peacock, who was also invited to the University to speak alongside me in panel discussions. We were even referred to as a double act, which made me smile.

Here’s a poem about my time at the University:

And here’s a video that some of the media students from the University made:

The media students have asked if I’d be willing to work on a full length documentary about homelessness with them, so I’m looking forward to hopefully putting that into production.

Near the end of 2021, AHI arranged for me to share some poetry in a Homeless Link meeting, which has led to me sharing poetry at numerous conferences in 2022. I recently shared my poetry and facilitated a poetry workshop at Crisis Skylight Coventry & Warwickshire, which seemed to have gone down pretty well.

A photo from the workshop at Crisis Skylight Coventry & Warwickshire:

More photos from the workshop at Crisis Skylight Coventry & Warwickshire:

I will soon be doing some work with our friends at The Museum of Homelessness, Manchester Street Poem & Museum of the Home. There’s a few other cool things in the pipeline too, but it feels too early to speak on them yet.

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